Friday 06/09/2013

Innovative Intercultural Communication: “LET’S STICK TO IT!” November 7th-12th 2013 - Novi Sad

If you are interested in joining us in on road to promotion of mutual understanding and raising intercultural awareness among youth living in multicultural communities this the event you should participate in. development of intercultural awareness raisin... + Read more

Wednesday 17/04/2013

Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia is General Sponsor of the Guitar Open Festival for the third time, Subotica support still uncertain

In this year, as well as the past 2 years, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia has recognized Guitar Open Festival as an excellent example for young people and for their improvement of opportunities for spending time actively and produc... + Read more

Friday 12/04/2013

Guitar Open Festival in 2013

BUM in cooperation with CENOR and Music school Subotica organizes the 7th International Youth Music Festival Guitar Open Festival that will be held from 25 to 28 April 2013 in Subotica.... + Read more

Monday 08/04/2013

International seminar - Youth Festivals and Non-formal Education

As a part of Guitar Open Festival, an international seminar will be held. The seminar will bring together representatives of youth festivals from 10 countries, engaged in work of developing young talents and their further education. ... + Read more

Tuesday 13/11/2012

"Bookmark your idea" 2012 - Promotion and follow up

Sustainable development of multicultural communities and active participation of young people in their local communities were main themes of an international creativity training seminar held in Subotica from 2nd to 7th November 2012.... + Read more

Monday 01/10/2012

"Classifying garbage" 2012 - Call for action

Portal Be Eco-Fin (Novi Sad), Association BUM - Balkan Urban Movement (Belgrade) and the Center for Sustainable Development (Subotica) are inviting you to support the campaign called "Classifying garbage - there's no trouble".... + Read more

Tuesday 25/09/2012

Youth Business Serbia - Call for Applications

In the framework of the "Youth Business Serbia" led by SMart Kolektiv from Belgrade, call for applications and business ideas has been published. Call is aiming at young people aged up to 35 residing in the cities and municipalities of Nis, Merošina... + Read more

Tuesday 11/09/2012

“BOOKMARK YOUR IDEA” - Call for Participants

What is the role of youth in building the sustainable multicultural local communities? What are to tool and methods we can use? How about the promotion and networking when it comes to issue tolerance, mutual understanding... + Read more

Tuesday 20/12/2011

"NETWORKING IDEAS, SHARING OPINIONS" 2011 - Follow up and dissemination

This weekend, participants had the chance to present their work, i.e. multimedia content reflecting the opinions and stances of youth in Subotica, with the goal of improving and developing intercultural dialogue of youth and their active participation.... + Read more

Monday 12/12/2011


Multicultural values in Subotica, promotion of tolerance, what could and should, and what is necessary to be done in order to maintain the tradition of mutual understanding in Subotica, are just some of the topics we dealt with in the first part of the pr... + Read more

Monday 28/11/2011

„REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE" - Campaign 2011

Two days ago, at the Novi Sad central square, Budi Eko Fin portal (Novi Sad) and Centre for Sustainable Development (Subotica) implemented a campaign having the goal to raise environmental awareness amongst the citizens of Novi Sad by emphasizing the prob... + Read more

Wednesday 26/10/2011

„REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE" - Call for action

“Say Yes to Eco Bags” campaign will be implemented by Budi Eko Fin portal (Novi Sad) and Centre for Sustainable Development (Subotica) within the project „REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE" supported by the Novi Sad Department for Environmental Protection... + Read more

Monday 27/06/2011

“Responsible to the Nature, Responsible to the Future” - Kick off

On Saturday, June 25th, at Fruska Gora, Centre representatives held a kick-off meeting marking the start of activities for the “Responsible to the Nature, Responsible to the Future” project, supported by STIDIT, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Aff... + Read more

Sunday 08/05/2011


Opening ceremony of 5th Guitar Open Festival will be held in Theatre 'Deže Kostolanji' in Subotica, on 11th May at 20:00h. First Festival day will start with the performance of Milena Petkovic, winner of the Festival 2010, and guitar duo Taurus.... + Read more